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    Freelance Marketing Consultant with a passion for building communities and bringing people together.

    I'm an international bilingual (native German) marketer with over 10 years of experience gained in London, Hamburg, the Cayman Islands and Bali (yes - I do like to travel and work in different countries and explore new cultures). Throughout my career I've been lucky to help organizations (small and large), new businesses and start ups to develop and implement integrated marketing strategies & campaigns covering the full marketing mix to drive awareness, generate leads and build a brand. I consider myself a marketing generalist - from developing a strategy to turning it into activities such as creating content (website, blogs, newsletters, social updates, whitepapers, infographics), to running digital campaigns (Google Adwords, PPC, SEO, Facebook, Instagram), to organizing events (roundtables, exhibitions, supper clubs) or improving internal comms. I love working on a variety of projects and I love the combination of a strategic and hands-on role where I can really make a difference and get things done.  I work best in a fast past international entrepreneurial environment with low hierarchies, a positive culture where new ideas are welcomed and where I can work with an international, cross-functional team to make things happen.  This site will give you a little glimpse into my life, some of the work I've done, tribes and communities I love and companies I admire. If you need help with taking your marketing to the next level or building a community drop me a line.

  • Me in a Nutshell (actually in less than 140 characters)

    • Positive • Enthusiastic • Marketer • People Woo'er • Activator • Tribe Leader • Nutritionist • Bootcamper & yogi • Happy •

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    Stuff I work(ed) on

    Tribewanted Bali

    Tribe Leader aka 'Tribe Mama'

    After joining the Tribewanted start-up tribe end of 2015 I'm now their tribe leader since January. And I love it. It's 100% me. I'm looking after organizing all meetings, sessions, skill-shares for the tribe, running the marketing & sales, organizing trips to explore Bali etc.. What I love most about it is building a community, inspiring & motivating tribe members to help them get more clarity, focus i.e. and then helping them get things moving by holding them accountable to actions. It's amazing to the progress and growth in tribe members and see their ideas, projects shape up.

    A Green World in Bali 

    Promoting a more sustainable lifestyle

    Marketing & Project Management for Green Village Lifestyle,  Green by John and the award-winning Green School. All of these brands and organizations follow a sustainable philosophy and have the vision of making this world a better place. It's exciting to be working and volunteering with so many passionate people, getting an insight into the beautiful Balinese culture and be surrounded by breathtaking bamboo designs.


    Global Journey App Launch Campaign

    Global Awareness and Lead Generation Campaign for Hay Group's Journey app

    Development and implementation of the Go-to-market strategy and global B2B marketing launch campaign for Hay Group's award-winning Journey app to help launch it across 6 global markets. Fully integrated campaign covering all channels with a focus on digital, content and lead generation. Great app to help develop emotional and social skills. Check it out here: Journey app or visit the LinkedIn showcase page.

    Talking about their Generation

    First integrated global campaign between Hay Group and Talent Q

    Marketing & project lead on developing, implementing and launching the first global awareness and lead generation campaign between Hay Group and Talent Q to help organisations attract, develop and retain the right candidates. Campaign elements covered all channels with a focus on content, PR and lead generation. Talking about their generation campaign.

    SaxonMG Pirates Week 

    Headline Sponsorship Campaign including License to Win Car Give-Away.

    Marketing & Project Manager for SaxonMG's Pirates Week Headline Sponsorship and Licence-to-Win car give-away campaign (running island wide over 2 months). Campaign elements focussed on events, social media, Radio & TV and PR. Highlight of the campaign: Meeting Jack Sparrow of course.

    I'm Saxon and I know it.

    Island-wide marketing campaign making everyone sing: 'I'm Saxon and I know it'

    Marketing campaign development, implementation & project management for SaxonMG's 'I'm Saxon and I know it campaign'. Working with a large team, we turned Saxon into the best known car insurance provider in Cayman. Watch this and see if you can spot me.

    Nutrition Coach Network 

    Nutritional Therapist, Marketing 

    I am pretty much into being healthy, fit and active and that's all linked to what you put in your body. I love it so much, I studied it part-time and am a qualified Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist. After graduating I've worked as Nutritional Therapist with the Nutrition Coach team, running consultations and supporting the team with marketing, blogging & PR. Currently this is more of a hobby but one I'm very passionate about. 


    MY FAVOURITE WORD. what's yours?

  • I love ....My Tribes

    I love my Tribes. Ever since I joined the Escape Tribe I got introduced to the power of a tribe. The connections, inspiration and motivation of each tribe is something I never want to miss again. They make me focus on who I am and what I value and help me to make things happen. These are all on my 'love-to-work-here' list. Don't have a tribe? You should get one and see the magic unfold. Trust me. It works.

    Escape Tribe

    Escape the City - London 

    Unhappy with your current job? Feel a bit stuck and just don't know where to go, what to change and could do with a kick-start to get you moving into the right direction? Then Escape the City is your answer. I joined their first Escape Tribe. 3 months of goal setting, value defining, skill-sharing and amazing networking - all to help me build a career on my terms. These guys rock. They are on to something big. Don't miss it.

    Tribewanted Bali

    Co-working tribe - Bali 

    Tribe wanted Bali: Get your start-up or business idea to the next level and join this Tribe. I just joined and it's amazing. Daily check-ins, goal setting, bigger vision focus and a group of like-minded people that hold you accountable. Procrastinating was yesterday. The network you are surrounded by is inspiring, supportive and the knowledge sharing better than any google search. This is how things happen. Come over and be inspired and enjoy beautiful Bali.

    Morning Gloryville

    Rave your way into the Day.

    Never heard about Morning Gloryville? Go online, right now. And get ready to dance. It's by far THE best way to start a day. Instead of pressing snooze another time, get up up, throw on your (crazy) dance outfit, put on your dancing shoes, add some glitter to the face and go dance, rave, let loose, be happy. 6.30am start, hell yes. The energy you will take back to the office is addictive. They should be everywhere. Let's open one up in a new city.

  • Chief Happiness Officer, Chief Community Manager and Tribe Leader

    my dream job titles. 

  • I also love...

    Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. Show me the companies you love and follow (and always double-tap on their pictures) and I will tell you who you are, where you'd like to work and the company culture you love. In addition to the Tribes above, the ones below are my 'double-tap' companies. I love their style, their work, their people and if there's one newsletter I read, it's coming from them. 

    Mind Valley

    They organise a fest called: 'Awesomeness Fest' - that to me is enough to love them and follow them. They redefine work and are inspiring and always worth checking on social media. 

    TUT- Notes from the Universe

    Please subscribe to these notes. They hit the nail on the had almost every day. Whoever writes them has the best job.

    Innocent Smoothies

    Their smoothies are delicious. But their marketing is even better. Newsletter and Instagram rock, and they have a banana phone to ring. Hello? I'm in. 

    Barry's Bootcamp

    Highly addictive. The most fun, best HIIT to whip you in shape and boost your endorphins. And a great tribe to be part of. Try it as part of your '2016-getting-fit-goal'. 

  • You made it to the end (well almost). Woohoo. Thanks. Drop me a line if you fancy telling me your favourite word.

    Or if you are a Chief Happiness Officer or have an awesome tribe (or run a coworking space and need help with building your community) - I'd love to pick your brain over a coffee (or juice, or coconut...) Danke.

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